LEGO Architecture meets BIM – Part 27: Laser Scanning


In this post in our series on ‘LEGO Architecture meets BIM‘ we look at how laser scanning can be utilised on projects. For this post I have kindly been assisted by Chris Palmer (BIM / CIM Engineer – Northern Europe) and Shane Dover (Product Design Account Manager UK) from FARO Technologies.

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LEGO Architecture meets BIM – Part 26: Common Data Environments


BIM is often misunderstood simply as technology, a deliverable or all about the model. However PROCESS is the most important aspect of any BIM project. A successful BIM project is one that follows a defined process effectively and efficiently, using technology to produce deliverables (these may or may not come from a model). In the UK much of this starts with ‘BIM Level 1’. I have written previously in detail on this subject but a core requirement for a project is the use of a Common Data Environment or CDE for short.  Continue reading

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