The NBS BIM Toolkit public BETA – feedback


The new Digital Plan of Work (dPoW) and Classification system were introduced in public beta at BIM Show Live a few weeks ago. Both are incorporated into a single tool with development led by NBS to form the NBS BIM Toolkit BETA. The dPoW and Classification components form part of the wider components of “Level 2 BIM” with only PAS 1192-5:2015 now left to be published. The final live version of the toolkit will officially be available sometime around June 2015.  Continue reading

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BIM object standard naming?


I recently attended the buildingSMART International Summit in Watford. At the event there was a short presentation about standard naming for BIM objects. Object naming in the UK is covered by BS 8541-1:2012. Now I have to confess that I hadn’t looked at BS 8541-1 for awhile. So on the train home from the event I dug it out again and had another read. Continue reading

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