The devil is in the data: openBIM World Tour 2015

BIM Show Live is back next week and it kicks off a rather busy 9 weeks on the speaking circuit for me personally. 9 weeks; 9 presentations; 4 countries. Its going to be a combination of hard work, education, socialising, fun and exhaustion! So here is where my travels will take me: Continue reading

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Interoperability testing: IFC 2×3 site geometry exchange


In the previous blog post we looked at a case study of our Cleveland Fire Brigade Training and Administration Building. An issue that emerged from this project was to do with how our site geometry was being exchanged into Solibri Model Checker. We quickly found a solution to resolve the issue into Solibri. However, sometimes finding a solution to one problem can result in unexpected results elsewhere. Continue reading

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Case Study: Cleveland Fire Brigade Training and Administration Building


In September 2014 we introduced a number of new technologies and processes to the practice. The technologies we introduced were Graphisoft ARCHICAD 18, Graphisoft BIMx Docs (now rebranded BIMx Pro), Graphisoft BIMcloud and Solibri Model Checker.

In order to introduce these technologies and workflows we had spent the previous 6 months developing processes and templates that would work for our needs. Much of this work aligns with the emerging UK BIM standards, processes and protocols as well as the RIBA Plan of Work 2013. Now in March 2015 we are starting to see a number of projects really taking advantage of these new processes and technology advancements. Continue reading

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